how much money can you earn with a blog?

Community Questions and Answerhow much money can you earn with a blog?
maya tommaya tom asked 1 year ago

blogging is now a career. before starting a blog, anybody will want to know how much money he can make with blogging. I want to know how much money can I make by starting blogging jobs. thanks in advance

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You asked a very nice question. we always want to know how much can we make with the job that we are going to start.but before I answer this question I want you to know that, the answer to how much money can you earn with a blog is really hard to generalize. because your blogging income is dependent on your effort and so many other factors.
how much money can you earn with a blog?
According to average salary of bloggers is around $ 42,000 the minimum average is around 23,000 and the maximum average is $ 80,000. But this doesn’t mean you are going to make thousands of dollar by just launching a blog.
blogging was very easy 10-15 years ago, a lot has changed now.there is much more fierce competition to get traffic to your young blog. however, this should never make you think you can’t make money blogging. actually, you can start your blog in 2019 and make a good living with your blog, if you do things the right way and if you win the competition.
Most of the blogs are not making good money. but if you can adopt the right content creation and traffic generation strategy and if you can monetize your blog. definitely, you can make good money online.
How to start a blog the right way

  • Make sure your content is valuable to your audience
  • Understand how SEO works and optimize your content for search engines
  • Social media are growing big now. put effort to promote your blog on social media.
  • Engage with your social media readers and ask them to comment and promote your content.
  • Persist to your goal.persistence is the only way to make money online

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