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maya tommaya tom asked 1 year ago

I want to know, how can I make money online as a beginner and i want to start online entrepreneurship.

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As a beginner choosing, beginner-friendly ways to make money online is the best way to start making money and it will help you as an entry point to online entrepreneurship.
If you want to make money as a beginner I have something great to tell you.but don’t expect it to get rich quick scheme. you to have to take action and learn a little bit.
take a few minutes and follow the guides in this answer. you will get to know the best way you can start making money online.
The best way to make money online as a beginner is to sell somebody else’s product, in which you don’t have to manage inventory or manage customer order or hassle with product development.
What you have to do is to be an affiliate with some brand or somebody who have a valuable product to sell. when you bring customer you will get an affiliate commission for leading the customer.
The customer will benefit by getting to the right product and the company will get a customer and you will get commission and everybody wins.
This process is called affiliate marketing and it is growing day by day and now most of the big brands are using social media influencer and affiliate marketers to sell their products. According to some estimates, affiliate marketing spending is estimated to be 6.4 $billion in 20 19.there is no reason that you can’t take a share from this big industry.

How to start affiliate marketing
There is no magic button that will make you a ton of money. if any marketer pitch you that, you should know that is not the have to learn some strategies and you should put some effort to be successful. However, there are better ways you can learn fast and set up your business easily.

one of the best program I recommend for anybody to start affiliate marketing is the wealthy affiliate program. whether you are a newbie or somebody who have made some money, I highly recommend you to join this program. they even have an amazing free plan that will give to the tools to build a free website. Their premium plan is also affordable and worth your money.
After you join their program you can even promote their own program and you can earn a commission from them.what is great about this program is that you can start free and upgrade as you wish.
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